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Rapé House Blend

Madre Tierra - Large qty’s available
Blended in house, Madre Tierra contains the Kaxinawa Rainha (Chacruna) and the Nukini Força Feminina (Aya Vine). It’s a strong Rapé that allows the connection with Mother Ayahuasca to deepen whilst away from the medicine. It has a strong head and body feel that scans the body removing blockages as it goes. It has lasting effects that keeps you grounded for longer.

Rapé Premium 

Arara - Large qty’s available

Arara Warrior Rapé from the Arara Tribe Brazil. It is a strong Rapé that contains Canela de Velho which is used for its pain relieving effects, Virola is used for its magic properties. At higher doses Arara may have mild psychedelic effects, activating all the senses and bringing you back to your heart.


Força Feminina - Large qty’s available

Força Feminina Rapé from the Nukini tribe in Juruá, Acre, Brazil. This is a medium/strong Feminine Rapé that facilitates a strong connection with Ayahuasca. It is made by spiritual warrior women of the Nukini tribe and contains Ayahuasca vine in the blend. It’s a calming rapé that cleanses your aura and softens the body.


Gesileu - Large qty’s available

Gesileu Rapé made by Gesileu a former member of the Nukini tribe. This Rapé is a strong medicine that is great for grounding, cleansing, opening the third eye chakra and meditation. This Rapé is a fruity-tasting strain that helps you focus and increase awareness. Great for beginners and experts alike.


Rainha - Large qty’s available

Rainha (Queen) Rapé from the Shawadawa tribe in Brazil. It is a strong Rapé that contains “the queen’s leaves” Chacruna (DMT) whilst it won’t have the same effects as ayahuasca, it does provide deep connection with the mother, it has a medium-strong body feel with lasting effects.


Rio Croa - Large qty’s available

Rio Croa Rapé is from the acre region of Brazil, it is named after the Croa River. It’s a very strong rapé that is intended for ceremonial use. It features a high level of ash within the blend. This blend is made with Mapacho, Tsunu and Palmera ashes. This rapé offers physical, mental and spiritual strengthening and cleansing. A great Rapé for purgative experiences.


Cumaru - Large qty’s available

Cumaru Rapé from the Huni Kuin tribe from the Acre region of Brazil. This is a strong Rapé that contains the ash of the Cumaru tree known for its strength and “truth”. It’s a deeply cleansing and grounding rapé which can facilitate deep trance states, it can easily reach the back of the throat and have a purgative effect. We feel it to be a heart opening medicine.


Kaxinawa - Large qty’s available

Kaxinawa also known as Huni Kuin is a tribe from the Acre region of Brazil. This is a medium/strong balanced Rapé that activates the body and clears the mind. It is great for cleansing energies, grounding and releasing entities/attachments. An excellent rapé to use during ceremony as it provides great assistance in moving stuck energy.


Mentolado - Large qty’s available

Mentolado Rapé from the Katukina Tribe Brazil. This Rapé is a beautifully fresh medicine that opens the sinuses and relaxes the body, providing gentle grounding and an intense head sensation. It contains Mapacho, Tsunu Ash, Mint and Menthol crystals. A very balanced, bright and aromatic Rapé.


Nukini - Large qty’s available 

Nukini Rapé from the Nukini tribe in Juruá, Acre, Brazil. This is a strong masculine rapé made with the ash of the Mulateiro tree. It awakens the body, uplifts the spirit and invigorates the mind. Great for immense grounding whilst opening one’s perspective to higher spiritual realms. Guaba the main base in this Rapé cleanses the body from unwanted heavy energies and helps to eliminate negative thought patterns and emotions. 


Pachamama - Large Qty's available

Pachamama Rapé from Brazil. A deeply feminine Rapé that excites the senses, Pachamama contains red and white Roses, Jasmine and Lavender, its floral smell is truly a pleasure. This Rapé opens the senses and expands you before pulling everything back to centre, a truly heart opening experience.


Yawanawá - Large qty’s available

Yawanawá Rapé (Rume) from the Yawanawá tribe in Acre, Brazil. One of the all time favourite’s this classic Rapé is straight forward and to the point containing only Mapacho and Tsunu Ash. Its feminine feel deeply cleanses and re-alignes ones energies. A great Rapé for advancing your meditative practice.


All Rapé comes in 3g, 10g and 15g containers - larger amounts come in a bag or your provided container.

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