What is Kambo?

Known as the vaccine of the forest (Vacuna de Floresta) Kambo is the venomous skin secretion from Phyllomedusa Bicolor - the Giant Monkey Frog -Waxy Monkey Tree Frog. 

It's a traditional medicine used by over 50 tribes in the Amazon Basin that contains upwards of 16 bioactive peptides, the secretion is applied to the skin through tiny burn marks (gates) causing a positive heightened immune system response that results in a energetic and physical purge.

For the modern person Kambo may help support the clearing of dispirited energies that come from misalignments in thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Kambo may help bring back a vitality and clarity that people were not even aware they were without. This can often be liberating, allowing one to be more in their power and accepting of life.


In the Amazon Kambo is also used by tribes as a remedy for snake bites, malaria, fevers, infections, fertility problems, and many epidemic illnesses, along with increasing hunting prowess, removing panema (dark energies) and to increase resilience in the face of stress.

There is currently over two decades of scientific research that has produced several studies on the bio-active peptides in Kambo, showing the effects they have on numerous illnesses like Cancer, HIV, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune, Diabetes, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, and Depression. 


A treatment with Kambo will include the optional use of Sananga and Rapé to allow you to drop into a place of surrender and open your energetic centres in preparation for the medicine, from here you will start drinking the supplied water and Sam will burn a series of small marks (gates) in your skin using a piece of burning incense stick, he will then apply the Kambo to the open gates allowing the bioactive peptides to enter into your lymphatic system and begin cleansing your system, *resulting in a physical purge of the system. Throughout the process Sam will monitor you and guide you when needed, using multiple tools to assist in the movement of energy.

Many practitioners will reference the terms "inoculation" or "vaccine" this consists of 3 individual ceremonies in a 28 day period (lunar cycle), this is recommended if you have never sat with the medicine before. 


A PDF information packet, a discovery call and pricing is available on request,

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Chakra and Meridian Treatment

Chakra treatments are designed to work on promoting positive energy movement through all of your chakras, encouraging the clearing of old traumas. 

Traditional acupuncture meridians are a great treatment to promote a positive cleanse of the energetic body.

Traditional Treatments

Traditional treatments are generally on the upper left arm for men and lower right leg for women.

These treatments are used to enter you into the realm of Kambo, they give a consistent response and body feel that allows you to understand the medicine and how it works on the body.

Layered Treatments

Easily my favourite treatment to serve and receive. The layered treatment allows you to sit with a higher number of points because the medicine is applied in 3 stages, i.e 12 points applied 4/4/4.

This creates a build up of energy in your system, it allows you to sit with the medicine and truly find your inner strength as the energy builds, with the goal of physical purge occuring after the third set has been applied.