Behind The Curtain


Sam Hines

I’m Sam Hines, Born in Melbourne, Australia. I’m a registered ThetaHealing Practitioner|Instructor, Kambo Practitioner, indepreneur, traveller and psychonaut.

The start of my life saw me go through my schooling years asleep to what I truly wanted in life. At 18 I joined the Australian Army and soon became an Advanced Medical Technician (Nursing/Paramedics). During this time I would find myself in Afghanistan as one of 2 Medics looking after 100+ Soldiers, after medically discharging in 2016 life was going up and up, I was in a healthy relationship, had found a new high paying job and had plans for the future that I looked forward too.

By late 2017 the whisper inside of me was telling me "this isn't it" and I finally decided to listen, by March of 2018 I was single, had built a van in the USA and was getting ready to travel around the world to find out what my true purpose was.

After nearly 3 years of travel I had met people from all walks of life and every one of them had influenced me in one way or another, I rediscovered a spiritual connection to myself that I had lost at a young age, I had completed my Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing® qualifications and after healing my survivors guilt and PTSD from Afghanistan I found a love for exploring and healing the human psyche with the use of entheogens. I joined Aubrey Marcus's Fit For Service Fellowship which to this day provides tremendous support and encouragement for me to believe in myself and chase my passion for service. All of these have compounded in me truly finding my purpose and what it is in life that I can do everyday so it will never feel like "just a job".

Today, I want to be a conduit for the healing of your trauma, a spiritual mentor and a coach that can be a mirror for the things going on in your life, including ways to tackle them and a most importantly friend you can always rely on.


ThetaHealing® - Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

ThetaHealing® - Basic DNA and Advanced DNA Instructor

Heal Your Tribe - Level 2 Kambo Practitioner

Diploma Paramedical Science 

Diploma Nursing

Mass Incident Medical Management

Certificate IV Training and Assessment